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Several factors determine the fee for oral surgery services including the complexity and advancement of the situation.
The patient will be informed of any fees before treatment is started. We understand your health care or dental insurance may not cover all of the cost of your treatment. We make every effort to help you maximize your coverage and increase your reimbursement.
Financial options will also be discussed during the initial visit.

Trusted Partners

Below is the list of the dental insurances* with whom we participate:

Plus many others that fall under Dentemax umbrella of dental insurance plans!

*This list subject to change. Updated 8/10/2017 



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Dental care includes procedures such as tooth repair, crowns or caps, root canals, dental implants, and more. Consult your doctor for details about these and other procedures.

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Move forward with your dental implant treatment with premier implant financing through Lending Club Patient Solutions.

Look and feel your very best with flexible financing and The Meyer Clinic. Now you can take advantage of an affordable payment plan that offers:

  • A simple application process

  • Rates based on amount financed and your credit history

  • Low monthly payments

  • No upfront fees or payments

  • Payment in full for each visit is due unless financial arrangements have been made.
  • The Meyer Clinic has opted out of all Medicare plans. Our patients can not submit to Medicare on their own to obtain payment.
  • This office will accept the following instruments for payment of services rendered: Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, CareCredit and Lending Club. Optional financing plans are also available. We will be happy to assist you with applying for financing should you so desire. We have an excellent relationship with financial programs and can accelerate the approval process for qualified patients.

If revisionary treatments are desired during the first year, there will be no surgeon’s fee, however the cost of surgical supplies, facility fee and anesthesia will be the responsibility of the patient. Any further treatment will reflect the usual procedural fees.

  • Any lab work required for your elective procedure will be the sole responsibility of the patient.
  • Overpayments will be processed and refunded to the appropriate party according to generally accepted procedures. Refunds due to the patient/guardian will not be processed and remitted until all active and past due, including bad debt, accounts have been paid. This process generally takes 60 days.
  • It is our policy to charge a $50.00 fee for all returned checks.
  • Please be aware that under no circumstances does this office file insurance for elective cosmetic procedures. This applies regardless of participation in patients plan. Patient understands and accepts that this office will assist in providing a receipt of services rendered on day of surgical procedure. This office will not supply a letter of medical necessity. Any reimbursement received by insurance plans will be the patient’s responsibility and the patient understands that for such cosmetic procedures, negotiated rates will not apply.
  • All patients are charged the same for same services rendered, and this office does not accept reasonable and customary charge calculation by outside parties unless provided in an arrangement such as a managed care contract.

If you have questions regarding your account please contact us at 703.753.7933. Many times a simple telephone call will clear any misunderstandings.

Please remember you are fully responsible for all fees charged by this office regardless of your insurance coverage.

If you’re ready to make a payment now, please visit “Pay Your Bill Online!” for instructions and the links to get you started!